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We are now beginning to process of working towards consensus of a number of statements created during the workshops held in November 2014 and February 2015. If you are a veterinary surgeon please use the following link to participate in this research.

Delphi process for vets (click here)

We are also extremely pleased to announce that we have now published three papers of our research. These are all open access and can be read from the links below or via the CPD page.

Prospective study of the primary evaluation of 1016 horses with clinical signs of abdominal pain by veterinary practitioners, and the differentiation of critical and non-critical cases.
Prospective survey of veterinary practitioners’ primary assessment of equine colic: Clinical signs, diagnoses, and treatment of 120 cases of large colon impaction
Veterinary practitioners’ selection of diagnostic tests for the primary evaluation of colic in the horse.